Monday, January 10, 2011

Second Verse! Same as the First!


I got home from work today at 3:45.  By 7:30, I'd supervised homework and clarinet practice; cooked, served, and cleaned up dinner; gotten clothes and swimming gear ready for tomorrow; ordered children into the shower and ordered them back out; and various and sundry other very useful and productive things.  I'm just sitting on the couch now, finished for the day at the delightfully early hour of 8 PM.   That's all over soon, though.  One week from today, I'm back on the proverbial chain gang. 

I write about school all the time, but only in the immediate concrete sense, not in the abstract.  I don't think much about why I feel compelled to continue with this, so I don't write about my motivations, only about the process.  That alone has sustained my spotty blogging career for three years.  I'll miss the leisurely pace of life that I plan to enjoy to the fullest for the rest of this week, but at least I'll have something new to write about.  Aren't you lucky?


  1. Yes, we are lucky! I just finished my last "school-free-weekend" and am already feeling the pain.

    Yet I carry on! Like you! But you are far more interesting.

  2. Hi Fran!
    It won't even be a school-free weekend since I'll have the syllabus and I'll feel compelled to get a head start. Blah and double-blah. And you are far more interesting than me, madam!

  3. I just want you to keep writing, Claire! I'm glad I found you over here.

    Happy New Year!