Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post-Christmas Vacation (involuntary)

My 6-year-old and 9-year-old were surprisingly cheerful all day today.  Christmas vacation ends today and school resumes tomorrow.  Even at 9, I remember feeling deep gloom on the last day of Christmas vacation.  What's good about the end of Christmas vacation?  No more presents, no more cookies, no more late nights (I'm pretty indulgent during vacations re bedtime), AND you're going back to the same grade, the same teacher, the same stinky long division and "Word Wall" words. 

They're in bed now, and I'm sitting on the couch watching "The Invention of Lying".  Very interesting movie.  I'm not working tomorrow, having had my work hours cut.  I'm still at the same job, but the company has had to make some adjustments, and if a temporary cut in hours will save me or anyone else from a layoff, then it's OK with me.  I'm better when I'm underemployed, anyway.  The job was part-time when I accepted it in September of 2009 and what with scope creep and my apparent awesomeness, the job grew in multiple directions, and I was working nearly full-time.  So I'm more relieved than worried at this point (worry is sure to follow.  I am me, after all).   If things don't recover, then I'll be an unemployed recruiter/technical writer.  Meanwhile, I just downloaded a "Mr. Blue Sky" ringtone for my phone.  Me and the Man in the Sky are going to look at the bright side.  At least I don't have to go to school tomorrow.


  1. Here's a tip for you and your underemployed self (kinda nice, huh?), keep your new blog labels short and just have a few. Don't do a Word Wall. One of these days I intend to clean up my labels. Blech.

    Glad to see you. I like the new design, m'am.

    Happy New Year, CDP!

  2. THERE YOU ARE! Popping up out of the blue and going "BOO!" You can't fool me lady. All these years I've been watching you.

    How creepy did that sound? :) Happy new year!

  3. Now that I teach, I don't work as many hours as I did when I had a 40 hour a week job. I'm sure it's added years to my life.

    Whether I will have enough money to enjoy those extra years, I have no idea.